Founded in 2017 by Owner Julie Mood, Jenesis Interiors is an Interior Stylist Studio & Custom Furniture Manufacturer located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. 


Working with both residential and commercial clients on interior and exterior projects, our mission is to transform everyday spaces into something extraordinary.  


Julie Mood is a self-taught, 150% driven entrepreneur whose jump into this field came naturally. Being known as a local serial redecorator, she often found herself in the middle of her friend's and family's homes to help their visions come to life. As this life-long passion exploded, she knew it was time to create Jenesis Interiors.

Julie adapts her signature bohemian coastal style to fulfill the unique needs of each client. She dives through the likes to find the loves. 

When she is not developed in her work, Julie loves to travel. Whether it's the next town or across seas, she loves to discover different cultures, experiences and food.